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Munsyari Rajma

Munsyari Rajma

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Short Description

  • Cultivated under natural conditions at high altitudes in the Johar valley
  • Has a unique off-white colour with beans larger in size than other varieties
  • Known for its delicious taste, and high fibre and protein content

Detailed Description

This variety of kidney beans (rajma) is one of the most sought-after one of Uttarakhand. It derives its name from the town of Munsyari (2200 m). If the place is so beautiful and close to nature, the produce grown here is bound to be so.

Munsyari kidney beans have a unique off-white colour and beans are larger in size as compared to other varieties. These are known for delicious taste, high fiber and protein content.

Our kidney beans are cultivated under natural conditions in Johar valley, also known as Milam valley or Gori Ganga Valley, along the river Gori.

The valley used to be a major trade route with Tibet. It has been collected from farmers by our women’s Cooperatives.

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