Why HavePure?

"In those lovely valleys there is still the romance and poetry of life; each tree has its God, each bush its spirit ". These were the words of Charles A Sherring, a celebrated nineteenth-century British anthropologist, while describing Uttarakhand or Devbhoomi- a name more colloquially admired.


Uttarakhand is an immensely verdant land, with simple and clean-hearted people. The religious vibrancy conserved in its hills is beyond all expression. How then, can the harvest reaped from its soil, where humanity and nature amalgamate be any less sublime?


HavePure 🌿 is a brand developed and promoted under the Uttarakhand Forest Resource Management Project (UFRMP). UFRMP is an initiative supported by the Government of India, Japan and Uttarakhand as a tripartite agreement. Through this initiative, we bring Uttarakhand to your door steps in the form of its rich farm produce: spices, cereals, pulses, honey and other health products, for you to revel in their earthy opulence and timeless Himalayan spirit, seeped in the ever-enigmatic charm of its breathless landscapes.


Caring for Farmers

  • We provide an all-encompassing integral support to over 1500 SHGs involving more than 15000 women farmers.
  • We focus on improving livelihoods of these women farmers especially those living in difficult and tough terrains.
  • We look after every aspect of the supply chain; collection, value addition and marketing.
  • We are a non-profit initiative. Entire profit-share is passed on to our farmers and their cooperatives.

Caring for Consumers

    • Cultivation of all our farm produce is eco-friendly.
    • We ensure zero-adulteration in the farm produce procured from farmers.
    • We bring Uttarakhand to your door steps in its purest form; we are committed to providing our consumers with all the products in their pristine states.

  • The purity of our products has been tested in NABL accredited laboratory on FSSAI parameters and have been certified to be free from all types of pesticide residues.
  • We care for your health; we bring unadulterated raw everyday food products to your kitchens.