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Jakhya / Wild Mustard

Jakhya / Wild Mustard

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Short Description

  • Seed of Cleome Viscose, a traditional herb of the mid-Himalayas
  • Used for tempering a variety of mountain cuisines, has a distinct smell, and leaves an exotic feel on the taste buds
  • Beneficial for treating liver and respiratory ailments

Detailed Description

Jakhya (also known as wild mustard) is the seed of Cleome viscose, a traditional herb of the mid-Himalayas. Jakhya is dark brown in colour and is traditionally used for tempering culinary dishes in the Himalayan region.

It crackles on being heated in oil, has a distinct smell and adds flavour to various recipes, leaving an exotic feel on the taste buds. Jakhia is widely used in Uttarakhand in preparing various cuisines, particularly for preparing vegetables, pulses and curries.

It is considered beneficial for treating liver and respiratory ailments.

Our Jakhya has been sourced from Nayarriver catchment of Pauri Garhwal district Uttarakhand. It has been grown under natural conditions by members of our women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and; processed and marketed by our women’s cooperatives

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