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Barley Flour

Barley Flour

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Short Description

  • Traditional grain cultivated under natural conditions around the hills of Ranikhet
  • Specially grounded in traditional water mills (gharats) making it more nutritious and richer in dietary fibre
  • Improves digestion, aids in weight loss and boosts immunity

Detailed Description

Barley is a traditional food grain cultivated under natural conditions by farmers in Uttarakhand. Barley flour in this pack has been specially ground in traditional water mills (gharats) in the villages which makes it more nutritious and richer in dietary fibre.

Barley flour is rich in vitamins and micro nutrients and has anti-oxidant properties. It is believed to improve digestion, aid in weight loss and boost immunity.

Our Barley flour has been sourced from villages situated in the Ramganga Catchment around the hills of Ranikhet in the Almora district of Uttarakhand. The river originating in the southern slopes of Dudhatoli Hills of Gairsain subdivision (Diwali Khal) is endowed with beautiful landscapes and is the lifeline of world-famous Corbett National Park. As it flows through untouched mountain corridors, it brings with itself an abundance of pure aquatic and loam properties. Barley, grown by our women SHG members in their fields in this rich valley, imbibes the purity of Ramganga waters, which manifests in its taste and properties.

It has been grown under natural conditions by members of our women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and ground locally in traditional water mills, called Gharat. It has been packed and marketed by our women’s Cooperatives.

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