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In those lovely valleys where there is still romance & poetry of life each tree has its God, each bush its spirit”- Charles A Sherring, the celebrated nineteenth century British anthropologist and surveyor noted while describing a fair part of Uttarakhand.

HavePure, naturally yours, is a brand developed and promoted under Uttarakhand Forest Resource Management Project (UFRMP), a forest-centric livelihood-linked Project, funded by Government of Japan. It brings Uttarakhand at your doorsteps in the form of its farm produce: spices, cereals, pulses and other health products, for you to revel in their Godly opulence and timeless spirit.

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भट्ट की चुड़कानी or Bhatt ki Churkani

22-Jul Posted by: Admin

Kaala Bhatt or Black Soyabean is grown in the unblemished lands of Uttarakhand. Kaale Bhatt ki Churkani

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Shop with women farmers of Uttarakhand for naturally grown food produce of Himalayan landscapes

02-Jun Posted by: Admin

Uttarakhand is the 27th state of India formed on 9th November 2000. Nine out of the 13 districts of the state are hilly

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