The Goodness Of Pickles

The Goodness Of Pickles

For many Indians, a meal without pickles is incomplete. Besides the delectable and tangy taste, this condiment also holds a lot of emotional value as, during earlier times, it meant watching grandmothers make different varieties of pickles — raw mango, gooseberry or amla, raw turmeric, garlic, etc., at home. Though in today’s times this might not be the case with most households, these flavour enhancing wonders with innumerable benefits will always remain a special part of the Indian food chart. Here are six benefits of pickles:


  1. Supports Digestion 

If you have ever had a digestive disorder, instead of taking medicines, how about adding a bit of pickle to your diet? This may sound bizarre, but the reality is that gastro-intestinal concerns are a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle and food habits that destroy innately grown healthy bacteria. However, including Indian pickles made with natural fermentation encourages the growth of these bacteria which helps restore your digestive health.


  1. Antioxidant Properties

Traditionally, pickles are made using healthy or unsaturated fats like sesame or mustard seed oils. Also, the raw unripe fruits in them are rich sources of antioxidants that help lower bad cholesterol. A combination of both promotes a healthy heart — provided the intake is restricted.


  1. Maintains Good Immunity 

Pickles have anti-inflammatory properties that battle against various bacteria and harmful germs. This strengthens immunity and helps fight multiple diseases. It is also scientifically proven that pickles, popularly known as aachar in India, have attributes to fight cancer cells and lower heart disease.


  1. Manages Blood Sugar Level 

Most pickles contain a fair amount of vinegar which is really helpful in regulating blood sugar levels. The combination of acetic acid and water increases the body’s response to insulin and radically decreases blood sugar levels.


  1. Contain Rich Nutrients 

Indian pickles are an amalgamation of many vitamins like Vitamin C, A, K, etc. Furthermore, these flavour enhancers are a blend of carbohydrates, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc., making them a treat with vegetables, pulses, rice, or chapati. 


  1. Aids In Weight Loss 

With a mixture of oil and unripe fruits, the following fact may seem unreal, but as pickles are mostly made from fresh ingredients, spices, and healthy fats, they reduce the excess fat present in the body and help transform it into energy. 


To summarise, pickles are not just mere condiments that enhance the taste of any food; they come with a myriad of wonderful health benefits. Our pickles are made using local recipes of Uttarakhand. The ingredients used are fresh that are grown in the farms of the state by women farmers. Our pickles are natural products without any chemical additions that makes them very good for health. And not to forget — they embody the local taste of Uttarakhand!

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