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Horse Gram / Gahat

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Horse Gram / Gahat

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  • Gahat is a traditional pulse grown in rain-fed areas in the Bhagirathi river landscape
  • One of the most nutritious legumes rich in carbohydrates, proteins, iron and molybdenum
  • Diuretic in nature and proven to be highly useful in treating kidney stones
Weight  750 Gm
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Free from harmful chemicals as per test reports by
an NABL and FSSAI accredited lab

Horse gram or Gahat is a traditional pulse/ lentil crop grown in rain fed areas in the hills of Uttarakhand. It is one of the most popular varieties of pulses being grown and consumed in various forms in the hills especially in winter.

Have PURE Gahat is sourced from hill villages situated in and around Bhagirathi river (a tributary to holy river Ganges) landscape of district Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

Have PURE Gahat is cultivated and processed (dried and packed) by the members of women SHGs and their cooperative formed in district Tehri Garhwal. The cultivation takes place in rain fed areas mostly and the lentil is grown in natural/ organic condition.

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