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Badri Cow Ghee

52 Review

Badri Cow Ghee

52 Review


  • Prepared using the Bilona method from the milk of the Badri breed of mountain cows
  • Certified according to EU, US, and Japanese health standards
  • Rich in fat-soluble vitamins and Omega-3
Weight  500 Gm

Our cow’s ghee has been prepared from the milk of Badri breed of mountain cows. These cows are reared in highlands (around 1500 m) and fed mostly in natural landscapes/forests. The milk so reared is also affluent in medicinal properties acquired from the grasses, plants and herbs the cows feed on.

This ghee has been prepared using the Bilona method - hand churning for higher nutrient retention. This ghee is considered rich in fat-soluble vitamins and Omega-3. It is useful for weight loss and keeps body warm in winter.

It has been sourced from villages located in the catchments of Malan and Nayar rivers of Pauri Garhwal district Uttarakhand. Both these rivers are important tributaries of holy Ganga. Nayar, called Narad Ganga, according to ancient historical Hindu texts, rises in the dense forests and high meadows of Dudhatoli mountain range. Both these rivers ramble through scenic settings, providing clean and mineral rich water to villages situated along their course. According to mythology, this landscape was also the abode of sage Charak, the founder of Ayurveda.

Members of our women Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and their cooperative prepare the ghee in most hygienic manner. It is packed and marketed our women’s cooperative.

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HavePure Customer

HavePure Customer

HavePure Customer

Amazing product!



One of the best ghee you can buy online


HavePure Customer

HavePure Customer


Wonderfully rich! Suggest everyone try it

HavePure Customer

HavePure Customer



Best testy ghee


purest ghee ive had


no adulteration, must try

arpita biswas

you can actually smell the natural flavour, wonderful product

Aarav joshi

much better than those of popular brands


you absolutely must try once


surprised by the natural taste

good product

sumit rastogi

definitely worth the price

harpal singh

very satisfied, packing is good too

nupur jain

very good quality. found no adulteration

tanu singh


aditya shah

superb product. loved the organic smell

shilpi advani

must try!


ruchi singh

sanjay sharma

amazing taste. so natural. kudos!

anand tripathi

minali singh

good quality. everyone should give it a try

kapil bartajya

happy with product. packing good too.

aashna trivedi

namrata jain

found the product quite good


nidhi awasti

wonderful taste! very happy

ahmed khan

try it. better than popular brands.

tripti singhal

sonal mirchandani

entire family loved the taste of this ghee

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