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15000 women farmers organised into 1500 SHGs and 20 farmer-owned cooperatives enable us to bring naturally cultivated produce from verdant Himalayan villages to your dining tables.

Each rupee you spend on our products enhances the lives of Uttarakhand's women farmers.


Cultivated in verdant mountain villages, our spices are a burst of vibrancy and sparkling taste.

Oils and ghee

Cold-pressed oils and grass-fed Badri cow ghee. Sublime offerings for hale and hearty health.


This is where we stand out! Condiments born out of high-altitude farms to infuse zest in your cuisine.

Cereals and millets

It's time to experience newer and healthier options! They will capture your taste palette…soon you'll make them a daily feature of your meals!


Our pulses bring you an exclusivity that is unmatched. Explore Uttarakhand's traditional food culture embodying the essence of the state.

Health and fitness

Our products resonate in priceless minerals found in Uttarakhand's unsullied soil. They epitomise Ayurvedic wisdom.


All-purifying Gangajal from the source of the holy river Ganga at Gaumukh and Gangotri. Add divine blessings to your prayers.

Uttarakhand pickles

Our pickles are made from exotic ingredients to infuse your meals with an explosion of tang and relish.

Personal care

Vivid aroma and lasting pleasantness. Refreshing and loaded with medicinal and healing properties.

Herbal tea

Made from locally occurring natural herbs that provide an exquisite combination of health and flavour.

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We are continuously adding new products to enhance your shopping experience! View our latest arrivals.

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